Our Story

A watch built for discerning individuals by watch industry experts.


The BullToro Watch Company was formed by watch industry experts who came together and asked, “What if?” What if we were to create watches from the ground up with both design and engineering in mind? Watches that meet the growing demand by individuals who want to make a statement by the style of watch they wear. But who also want that watch to have the quality, comfort and functionality that make it worth wearing time and time again.


Putting extensive time into watch design and engineering.


In just a few short years the result is the BullToro watch series. This line of oversized watches represents a meticulous attention to all the details that make for a great men’s watch. This includes a cutting edge design that combines ruggedness with comfort. BullToro watches feature oversized bezels in a choice of traditional 3-hand analog format, or our exclusive crown operated digital timepiece. And each unique watch design is patent protected and crafted to exacting quality standards.


Backing the quality of our products with expertise and a two year warranty.


The idea behind BullToro watches was not just to create uniquely designed and finely crafted watches, it was to stand behind the unsurpassed workmanship that goes into each one as well. That is why every individually numbered BullToro watch comes with a 2 year warranty as solid as the watches themselves. It’s just one more feature you can expect from a company focused on earning customer loyalty as it delivers lasting satisfaction.